Protection for the Box: needle felt bag
Tryin' to keep the Bancks Scope looking nice, so I had seen some needle felt work not long ago and it looks pretty cool! Tina and I had gone out to a little place in Brooklyn at the time (Yarn Tree. They recently moved to North Carolina, but still have an online store), and came home with a bag of wool roving in the coolest colors. We had a couple projects in mind at the time, but time flies... now I had a new project!

It was a simple build, one large rectangle rolled and joined in a tube. Then a little rectangle for the bottom and another larger one as a flap for the top. I like it. UI have a few more fibers around the scope, but that is really not much a problem with the simple scope. It is easy to keep things clean. I might line it with some fabric or thin ethafoam... will update if I make some changes.