Robert Bancks Single lens microscope, 1825
Microscopes are for journeys, entering new worlds, and this microscope comes from that history. This microscope was made by Robert Bancks around 1825, Bancks made a similar microscope for a 23 year old, at about this time. That 23 year old was Charles Darwin, whose journey of observation and then experimentation would change the world.

I like to work with this microscope and take my own journeys, they may not change the whole world the way that Darwin's did, but I will revel in the journeys and share bits and pieces here. I am an educator so I do my best to take others along on the journey with this most beautiful instrument.

Some journeys will be inspired by Darwin's adventures and investigation, others will be explorations of my own.

Here are the first installments

> Rotifers in Wayland Massachusetts
> Goose Baracles in The Florida Keys.
> A little padding
> Mounting the lenses on a DSLR
> The Glass
> Measuring the Magnification!

> Grinding Glass: Making microscope lenses