Mounting the Bancks Lenses on my DSLR

Lens Mount Clamped Mount hole

I have wanted to share the view through the lenses of my Bancks scope and have tried a few things, the Sony Camcorder set on tele-macro worked the best (see the rotifer story), but there were lots of other lenses involved and the image was less than half of the actual field of view through the lens, and I wanted things to be a little more representative of what you actually see through the lens.

I wondered what things looked like when you just got the Bancks lens infront of the DSLR by it self. So I just hand held the Bancks #6 lens in front of the lens mount of the camera. Looking through the view finder and moving the whole thing close to the placemat on the dinner table. Voila! There was the mat in my view finder! Up close! So I found the body cap that came with my camera. Its a plastic cap with a bayonet mount that fits the camera. The diameter of the thread on the Bancks lenses is just over 1/2 inch, so I grabbed the 1/2" bit and my drill, used a few clamps to hold the body cap firmly on a piece of wood, then kneeled on the piece of wood, got the 1/2 bit started into the plastic, then when it hit the full 1/2 diameter, crunch, it grabbed alittle too much of the plastic. There was a hole... but it was not as smooth as I had hoped.

I used a kitchen knife (sorry Tina) to smooth out the edges and make the hole a little more circular... :) The fit was a little snug, so I used the knife to open it up a little more, and then I had the fit, and a 185 year old lens on my Nikon D-5000 digital SLR!

Lens in Mount

I moved the mode dial to full manual, played with the shutter speed a little. And here is the second photo. This was taken at night, under a ceiling light with two compact fluorecent bulds, and a hand held camera... (1/25 sec, ISO 3200)

Little bit of blur around the edges, but not too bad. I'm looking forward to getting something interesting under some better light and the camera and specimen more firmly held.

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